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Wednesday, December 24 2014

The elementary school that my kids attend is always looking for new fundraisers. They pair up with restaurants, sell wrapping paper, and hold walkathons. Up to this point, my favorite fundraiser is when the school partners with a nearby barbecue joint and sells dinners at the school’s curb drop-off site. I’m not sure why I like this one so much, other than that the food is good and the drive is short. I also love how giddy the kids get when we pick up dinner right from the principal.

But now there’s a new fundraiser for the school, and it’s one I’d never heard of. The PTA works in partnership with Farmigo, a company that tries to connect farmers and artisans directly with consumers at the school.

Here’s how it works: We have our own specific web site that is linked to a variety of grocery items, including fruits and vegetables (most, if not all, are organic), breads, and fresh meats, all from local farmers and crafters. A PTA parent works with the people at Farmigo to collect the orders and get them to the school. Each week, I place my order online, and a few days later, I pick up my groceries right at school. While I find the prices a bit high for certain items, I can’t beat the convenience.  I have to pick up my kids anyway, so to be able to pick up my groceries at the same time is fantastic. Sure, the nearest Safeway is only a couple of miles away, but I’m saving both time and gas. As an added bonus, the school receives ten percent of all sales.

Farmigo has quickly become my favorite fundraiser. It’s fun to try the foods they offer to see which ones we like the best. My husband loves the giant blueberry muffins. My oldest son actually enjoyed the broccoli that I roasted, while my youngest likes the sandwich rolls. As for me, I love the egg nog blondies.

Of course, the family isn’t swooning over everything. Even though I turned the kabucha squash into something akin to fries, the kids would only take a few nibbles, and they couldn’t get over the texture of the sautéed kale enough to enjoy the flavor.

But that’s part of the fun. They’re actually trying new foods, which is not something they’re always eager to do. Heck, I’d never had kabucha squash myself. Some of the offerings are always available, but new products crop up all the time. I can’t wait to see what’s on the web site next week!

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