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Monday, June 18 2012

Another school year has ended, which means it's time for another family vacation. This year, we drove the kids for hours and hours and hours and hours (no really, it was hours) to Legoland. My oldest loves all things Lego, especially his Star Wars sets, although I don't know if my husband or my son was more enthralled with the Star Wars displays at the park. We got at least two pictures of every character as they stood gaping at every movie scene replica.


Some of the sets even included buttons that would either move people and machinery or create those famous Star Wars sounds. After two full days, we still didn't manage to hit all the rides, but we did squeeze in a trip to the aquarium, which included some great underwater Lego displays.


On the third day, we drove down to the USS Midway for a tour. If a company ever needs to determine how safe a ship is, they should hire a six-year-old and a two-year-old to test it out. These kids must have touched ever knob, crank, and wheel on the aircraft carrier. I just had to remind myself they weren't the first kids to try and open every off-limits door, and they certainly wouldn't be the last. In the end, they managed to earn their flight wings without getting us booted from the place.

Just like last year when we drove to Disneyland, I managed to get almost no work done. I was sure I'd do better this year and not fall into that trap of getting distracted by every cow and sign out the car window. I managed to write my blog for the LadyKillers site before we'd even hit Fresno, but then my progress came to a screeching halt. I played with the GPS device, passed the kids snacks, and fiddled with the radio. I did everything but write.

Once we got to San Diego, I didn't get any better. Between relaxing after all the hustle and bustle of the day and trying to convince my kids it was really, truly time for bed, I barely had enough energy to watch TV, let alone concentrate on writing.

But I've decided that's a good thing. I managed to take a few days off and not think about writing at all. Now that I'm back, I'm feeling recharged and refreshed, ready to write even more. Maybe I should take a vacation every month. That sounds like a plan worth pursuing.

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