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Monday, July 16 2012

One of the fun yet challenging parts about writing a Blossom Valley mystery is finding healthy yet unique or unappetizing foods for Zennia to cook. I try to find foods that I think people will initially wrinkle their noses at but may eventually consider trying after Zennia points out the health benefits. This is not always easy. For one thing, the mere mention of broccoli sends some people running in terror, while plenty of others love the stuff, myself included. Almost every food has fans and haters, so I try to pick a food that I think the majority of people won't like.


As I've searched online and flipped through various magazines, I've also discovered that the more exposure I have to healthy foods, the less gross they seem. Take quinoa. The first time I heard that word, I had no idea what it was (or how to say it), but I immediately decided it wasn't something I would like. Since that time, I've tried quinoa in salads and other dishes, and it's a perfectly fine food. I don't do cartwheels when I see it listed as an ingredient, but I also don't refuse to eat it.


Another issue is that when I find what I consider to be an even wackier food, ones I'd previously thought were odd now seem completely normal. When I was writing the first book, I focused a lot on tofu. It's very good for you, yet many people don't eat it, and still others have no idea how to cook it. It seemed like a great food for Zennia to promote.

Then I found out about natto, which is fermented soy beans chock full of healthy probiotics and protein. Issues that people need to overcome when eating it are that it can smell really strong and the texture is somewhat slimy. It's definitely an acquired taste and makes tofu seem downright pedestrian.


Now, as I'm writing the third book, I'm struggling to find other super healthy foods that might make people recoil at their mere mention. If you can think of any, feel free to add a comment. I'm always looking for a good food to disgust people with.

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