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Monday, July 30 2012

Organic soft serve ice cream with olive oil and sea salt? Did I read the menu right? As soon as my sister saw the ice cream on the dessert list, she suggested I try it, and I just as quick said, "Heck, no." But then I found myself reading the description over and over. The restaurant promised it would taste like caramel. They wouldn't put it on the menu if it didn't taste good, right?

In case you're wondering, ice cream is considered organic if the ingredients, including the milk, sugar, and vanilla are all organic. For milk to be certified organic, the cows must be given only organic feed and not treated with synthetic hormones or certain medicines. It sounds like there are a lot of steps to making sure the ice cream is organic.


But back to the olive oil and sea salt ice cream. I ended up trying it.

In a word, delicious. The dish was essentially the restaurant's homemade vanilla soft serve sprinkled with sea salt with olive oil drizzled on top. The olive oil was delicate and mild, definitely a higher quality than what I normally buy at the store. The sea salt added a pop every time I bit one of those little grains. Did it taste like caramel? Not really, but that's okay. It was still yummy and a fun dessert to try. 

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