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Monday, October 22 2012

A large and heavy box landed on my doorstep last week. Just to be clear, it didn't fall out of the sky. Rather, the FedEx guy dropped it off. Inside were the Advanced Reader Copies for my second book, All Natural Murder.


It's always exciting to get a box of books from my publisher. As with Going Organic Can Kill You, it's confirmation that Kensington wasn't joking when they agreed to publish the book. Tearing open the cardboard box, there's always a surge of anticipation, the thrill of holding the book in my hands.


And now the promotion starts. How do I get the word out that another book will soon be released? February seems so far off right now. I have to get through Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas first. But I know the book release date will sneak up on me while I'm focused on what to cook for holiday dinners and where to shop for Christmas presents. What to do with all those ARCs?


I thought about standing on a street corner and passing them out, but there are flaws with that plan. For one thing, while cozy mysteries are popular, not everyone reads them. For another, people are very suspicious of others who stand on street corners and randomly pass things out. I'll stick with the more traditional methods.


Goodreads proved to be a good place for a giveaway with the first book. The entire site is full of book lovers, and it's a great way to connect with cozy mystery readers. I might do a giveaway here on my own web site or on my Facebook page. Perhaps I'll guest blog on other sites.


But first, I need to make a list of everything that needs to be done, a physical list with an actual pen and paper that allows me to check off items as I complete them. That'll keep me on track and make sure I don't forget anything. Like where February falls on the calendar.

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