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Monday, December 10 2012

A friend of mine gave my son a sea monkey kit for his birthday last month. I've never had sea monkeys myself and was really looking forward to seeing them spring to life. It seemed like a fun and easy way to teach him the responsibility of owning a pet, even if that pet starts out in a dried prehistoric state inside a paper packet.


I read the directions, and it seemed simple enough. On the first day, we put distilled water in the tank (a very adorable Mars-themed container) and added a packet of water purifier. We let the water settle for a day and then poured in the instant life eggs. Nothing happened right away, but by the next day, we could see itty, bitty, little things swimming around. Success!


Then things got a little dicey. Based on the two sets of instructions, it wasn't clear if we started feeding them on Day 3 or Day 5. I averaged it out to Day 4, and we dumped the finely ground green mystery powder into the water. By the next day, only two sea monkeys were swimming around. The day after that, only one. And then there were none. Oops.

Luckily, Toys R Us sells replacement sea monkeys for a relatively low price. I figured we just overfed the little guys. We tried again, carefully following the directions. This time we were rewarded with four sea monkeys, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. They all died, one by one. This time, we hadn't overfed them, but what else could it be?


Was the water too cold? They apparently like a fairly warm climate, and my son's room stays cool this time of year. Am I supposed to get them a heat lamp? Is it something else?

I hate to give up. My son diligently opens his blinds every morning for the indirect sunlight they supposedly like. He should be rewarded with the sight of tiny brine shrimp paddling around.


At the very least, I'll give it one more go. And if anyone knows the secret to keeping sea monkeys alive, I'd love to hear it.

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