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Monday, January 14 2013

I've added another New Year's resolution to my list since last week. Not only will I try to exercise more and eat better by adding fruits and vegetables to my meals, but I plan to try one new cookie recipe a week. Now I realize cookies and healthy eating don't really go hand-in-hand, but I'm trying for a well-rounded, balanced diet, and there must be room for cookies in there somewhere if I look hard enough.


The idea came to mind when I received Joanna Fluke's Lake Eden Cookbook for Christmas. First off, what a genius idea to put all the recipes from her mystery books into a single cookbook. I like to pass my books along or donate them when I finish reading them, but I found myself keeping a few of her mysteries strictly for the handful of recipes in the back. It's so much better to have a single book taking up room on my bookshelf.


And what's in the Lake Eden Cookbook? Cookie recipes. Lots of cookie recipes (as well as cakes and candies and a few other things). While reading through all the different types of cookies, I had to ask myself if it was better to sit around drooling over these recipes without actually trying them or if I should break down and whip up a batch. Considering how much my kids like cookies, the answer seemed obvious. I mean, how many cookies would I possibly get to eat anyway before my kids and husband gobbled them up? Two? Three?


So I'm going to start with the Short Stack Cookies. The intro describes them as tasting just like pancakes with butter and syrup poured on top. My expectations are ridiculously high. If they really do taste like pancakes, I might start eating cookies for breakfast. After that, it's vegetables and heart-healthy foods for the rest of the day. Until it's time for dessert, that is.

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