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Monday, May 03 2010

This week's blog is a shameless plug for a group blog I've recently joined: The LadyKillers at While the LadyKillers blog has been around for several years, the group was comprised of only three authors. Now, the group has been revamped to include thirteen total writers who are all crime fiction authors and contribute blogs on a rotating basis. While the majority of the participants are published authors, including Penny Warner, Ann Parker, and Camille Minichino, a couple of us soon-to-be-published (one day! one day!) authors are included. Frankly, I'm tickled to death to be invited to join and am excited to contribute my first blog next Saturday.

Here's how the blog works. Every two weeks, the group picks a theme topic and each writer writes one blog related to that theme, with Sundays being the only day a new blog isn't posted. At first, I was worried that having everyone write about the same topic would result in thirteen similar blogs that would bore people to death (and while death is a necessity in the murder mystery genre, boredom should be avoided at all costs). But then I realized that all the writers come from vastly different backgrounds with a wide range of beliefs, histories, and lives. And the topics themselves are fairly broad. Repetition is a remote possibility.

The first topic, appropriately enough, is Beginnings. That topic is ridiculously timely in my own life since I consider my writing life to be at the start of a new phase now that I have an agent (I swear I tried to make that sentence sound like I wasn't bragging, but it's hard to mention I have an agent without it sounding like all I do is yell, "I have an agent! I have an agent!).

So if you get the chance, check out We're running a little contest to get the ball rolling, so if you match the most correct tidbits of info with the authors, you win a prize! And even if you don't, I guarantee you'll be entertained.

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