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Tuesday, July 06 2010

The results are in and the conclusion is not good. While various publishers like my writing style, they feel the book itself is not cozy enough. Not cozy enough? That response really surprised me. One thing I've always declared with certainty is that my book is a cozy. No cussing, no sex, little bloodshed, small town setting, amateur sleuth, quirky news stories. It doesn't get much cozier than that. My writing group agrees. My agent agrees. But alas, apparently there's cozy, and then there's super cozy. And I need to make my book fall into the latter category. To do so, my agent has recommended that I rework the book. This did not make me jump up and down with joy. I like my book. I think readers would enjoy it. But ultimately, I want to get a book published and to do so, I'll need to provide the editors with what they're looking for.

So, after moping for a couple of weeks, declaring the publishing world completely unfair, sticking my head in the sand and waiting for an editor to realize their mistake on passing on my book, and then throwing up my hands at the injustice of it all, I'm ready to embark on my latest adventure. I'll be keeping the main character, Gwyn, along with her sister and her mother, plus her love interest. But Gwyn is getting a new job and someone else is going to die. Rather than just reworking a few parts of my mystery, I'm conducting a major overhaul that will change ninety percent of the text. And all in the shortest period of time possible. While I'm not technically under deadline, the sooner I can complete this latest revision, the better.  Because in the publishing world, what's hot today may be ice cold tomorrow.

I've put myself on a schedule, with a 1500 word count quota each day from Monday through Friday, no writing on Saturdays, and editing on Sundays. Whether or not I can stick to this schedule remains to be seen, but if I don't establish some kind of plan, I'll sit around picking my noise and thinking up fifty excuses as to why I don't have time to write just now.

I must admit, after only a few days of new plotting and writing, I'm having a lot of fun. Let's just hope I can maintain this enthusiasm for 70,000 more words until I have the best, coziest mystery the world has ever seen. And hopefully a book I love.

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