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Monday, July 12 2010

I was on fire. I was spitting out words right and left, easily hitting my 1500 word-a-day quota, oftentimes even more.  And husband decided to turn his three-day weekend into a week-long vacation. And my writing came to a dead stop. Not only did I not have a chance to sit down at the computer most days, but my brain wouldn't function properly anyway. I could barely remember what my book was about so far, let alone figure out where the plot needed to go. I was in full-blown vacation mode.

Oh, I tried. No, really, I did. I scribbled on a piece of scratch paper while my husband ran into a store and I was left to wait in the car with the kids. But, of course, with such a narrow window of time, I focused on my LadyKillers blog because I could at least finish that.  I arose one morning at 5:30, convincing my older son it was too early for him to get up and sending him back to bed. And found I was so far behind on email, that I had to answer those first. Then I had to edit the final chapter for a member of my writing group, as her book is due to the publishers this week. And by then, the whole family was up. One day, I even stuck the baby in the playpen while my husband took my other son golfing. Turns out you can't write a stitch with a crying baby in the background.

So what did I have to show for all that effort? Not a thing, nada, zilch. A big goose egg. And now my impressive first week word total of 9000 words has to be split between two weeks -- one week where I wrote furiously and one week where I lounged on the beach, went to the fair, and ate ice cream at Fenton's Creamery.

Now I have to get back on track. Sit down and have the words flow out of me like root beer out of the dispenser at Fenton's. If only I could clear this brain fog. Help! What's my book about again?


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